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The Future of Business

Our Services

Custom Software Development

SectorTech builds custom software specific to your projects needs. This includes mobile, desktop and server apps, websites, CMS, CRS, database management, and full analytics.

Custom Wayfinding and Tracking

Using next generation bluetooth and wireless technologies, we can create apps or experiences that accurately track people and assets. In addition, we can provide full indoor and outdoor wayfinding as well.

AR Marketing & 3D Creation

We can create mobile and headset-augmented experiences that overlay and enhance the real world. In addition, our in-house art and design teams can create all the 3D model and art assets you need in a centralized manner.

Full Customer Experience Service

We work with you. Not only that, we work for you. You're not being outsourced to a distant coder or team, you're working directly with individuals, with the capacity for intimate and vested involvement for your project.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

SectorTech can work with your existing technology or completely replace it with cutting-edge hardware and software. Our team is ready to work with you.

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